Service and Repair



* Full Payment is due AT THE TIME OF SERVICE unless prior arrangements have been made.
* For Card payments over $500.00 there is a 3% Credit/Debit Card Processing Fee.*
* We add a percentage to the cost of parts to cover re-stocking, processing, and handling.
* You can make a payment by card on our website at -


Here are my Rates and Cost Estimates for service calls and training. Call or Send me your infomation and we can provide an estimate.

To estimate the cost, add the Service Rate +Travel Rate + Lodging Rate.


SERVICE RATE:  - $95.00 per hour.

  • The invoice is printed before the service and the time printed on the invoice is only an estimate and will be adjusted as needed.
  • There is a Two hour minimum on calls.

TRAVEL RATE:  - .65 per mile, round trip.

  • Round Trip Mileage as determined by Google Maps.
  • Road Trips and Shared Trips: I split the cost of travel between the customers involved in the Trip if they are in the same area. This will usually make the travel cost Half Price.
  • I have a coupon for Travel cost on trips over 500 miles, round trip. You may qualify for a discount on your travel cost.

LODGING RATE:  - $120.00 per night

  • When overnight stays are required a Lodging Fee may be charged.
  • This rate may be higher if the rates of the hotels in the area exceed the Lodging Rate. (Football/Baseball games, event rates etc...)
  • This fee covers food and lodging.

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  • There will be a 15% percent interest charge per month on late invoices. 
  • You can pay by credit card through PayPal, (here is the link to PayPal ) or we can take the information over the phone.
  • A $50 fee will apply to all returned checks.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:  

  • We kindly ask that you give us 24-hour notice prior to cancelling an appointment. Many of my customers share the cost of travel. Being able to offer this cost saving service to my customers depends on full participation. 
  • On trips over 500 miles away we may require the cost of travel and lodging before the scheduled trip.
  • On trips over 500 miles the cost of travel and lodging will not be refunded in the event of customer cancellation after the trip begins.



There are three seperate charges for Air Travel:

  • Service Rate: 95.00 per hour, minimum 4 hours
  • Air Fare: Cost of the actual air fare. Flight Fares change frequently so an estimate given today may not be accurate tomorrow. We will look for the lowest fares and may need to bill the difference of the estimated and the actual cost of the flight.
  • Daily rate: 350.00 per day Covers hotel, car rental, fuel, airport parking, baggage fees, food, and other expenses.



Make PaymentPhone Support: - $95.00 per hour.

  • Initial free consultation .
  • Paid in advance by PayPal
  • Skype, and GoToMeeting are availible. I need prior notice to set them up.


Discount Coupons: We offer Discount Coupons on Service and Travel cost.

Check out our coupon page for more information.

Check for our money saving coupons. 

 Road Trips and Shared Trips:

  • Shared Trips: I split the cost of travel between the customers involved in the Trip.
  • There is a Two hour minimum on Shared Trip calls.

Road Trips: Periodically I schedule Road Trips and charge a set price for Travel and Lodging. As an example if I had five customers in Texas that needed service and I charged a set amount ($250 for Travel and Lodging) plus their service charge.

  • There is a Two hour minimum on Road Trip calls.


 tumblr m62g70wyJN1qbme8mYour business is important to me. I could work on embroidery machines all the time, but my wife says I have to spend a little time with the family. She said that not spending time with the family is a violation of our ROOMMATE AGREEMENT. Go figure... 

Due to the increased traffic, increased hotel rates, and because I need time with my family I have to charge extra for Emergency calls on weekends, holidays, and emergency situations.

I do emergency, weekend, and Holiday calls but I have to charge extra. Here are my emergency rates.

EMERGENCY SERVICE RATE:  - $150.00 per hour

  •  There is a Four hour minimum.

EMERGENCY TRAVEL RATE:   - $1.50 per mile, Round trip.

  •  Round Trip Mileage as determined by Google Maps.

EMERGENCY LODGING RATE:   - $180.00 per night