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Emergency Parts Information

Nothing is worse than having a technician arrive at your business and after a brief look he tells you we must order parts. The repair is delayed, additional expenses of return service, and the lost use of the machine gets expensive. I have created a list of the most common parts and suggested things that may need to be replaced on a machine.

I call it an Emergency Repair Kit. I suggest you order one for each head, but you will probably not need everything in a set for each head. This list of parts is a suggested list. They cover the most common parts that may need replacing when you have a service on the machine. This is also a list of a good set of spare parts to have on hand.

You know your machine so if you don’t have issues with it trimming you may not need to order the knife sets. If you haven’t replaced the rotary hooks since you bought the machine you may want to order all four. If you don’t need a new set of needles you don’t need to order them.

​Consult your parts supplier and parts manual for the correct parts for your machine.






Emergency Repair Kit:


Part # Name Notes Quantity
  Needle Bar Reciprocator See the notes below for Happy and ZSK machines 1
  Presser Foot Reciprocator - Direct Drive Guide Plate   1
  Rotary Hook   1
  Knife Set Usually three or more Pieces 1
  Potentiometer   1
  Needle Clamps Order the screws that come with these 3
  Presser Foot   3
  Presser Foot Bushings   15
  Needle Bar Rubber Cushion   15
  Needles   15
  Picker Order the screws that come with these 1
  Picker Solenoid   1
  Upper Thread Hook May include multiple parts 1
  Velcro Should be two pieces 2
  Takeup levers   3
  Bobbin case   1
  Needle Bar   1
  Spiral Bevel gear   1
  Eccentric Stopper    





The reciprocator grabs the needle bar and drives it down through the cloth. It can become damaged if you hit the frame or have a Birds Nest.Reciprocator

  • The reciprocator may break immediately,
  • The reciprocator may be damaged and slips intermittently or
  • The reciprocator may not be damaged at all.

​How can you tell if you need a reciprocator?

  • The needle may “bounce up” before it hits the cloth.
  • The needle may not come all the way down in the first few stitches.
  • You may notice skipped or missing stitches.

Reciprocator assembly Note: The actual reciprocator looks similar to the image above. it cost about twenty something dollars. On many occasions something is broken on the reciprocator carrier or assembly pictured below. An assembly may cost over $100.00. I would suggest getting the carrier or assembly for your machine.


​Note: Some Happy machines use a Needle Bar Driver and roller bearings instead of a Reciprocator. Consult your parts supplier and parts manual for the correct parts for your machine. See the next section.

Note: ZSK machines use a "Klinker" instead of a Reciprocator. Consult your parts supplier and parts manual for the correct parts for your machine.






These are parts for an Avance' 1501.


  •  AV-03040498 - Presser Foot Connecting Shaft Assembly (single head) @70.00 
  •  AV-03040391 - Reciprocator Assembly (11-49) Single - @65.00
  •  AV-03040305 - Reciprocator (plastic piece only) - @20.00














Happy Machines:

Happy Machine - Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings

Happy Machine - Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings

Some Happy machines use different parts in the head than other brands of machines. The Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings will give you simular symptoms to a broken reciprocator on a happy as they age and degrade. 

HCG 1204 B 45TTC Note: HCA, HCG, and M04 Happy machines will use this same parts list. You must look up your parts numbers for your machine.


Happy Machine - Needle Bar Driver Roller Bearings -  Find out about Happy Roller Bearings







Rotary Hook


Rotary hooks rotate twice every time the needle comes down, so if you run your machine at 700 stitches per minute the hook spins at 1400 stitches per minute (SPM). The interior of the Hook has a rail that slides in a raceway and holds the hook together. There are no bearings, so the rail and raceway are metal on metal. This is the only point on the machine that most manufactures recommend you lubricate every four hours of use. ​


Rotary hooks may need to be replaced at around 3 to 5 years, depending on use and maintenance of the machine.


Click here for more information on Rotary Hooks.


L Size Tajima Eccentric Rotary Hook with Oil Tank: Part# 050210140017= @ $99.00



Rotary hook

L Size Koban Teflon Rotary Hook - Product ID: KHS12-RYPN= @ $52.00