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Training topics

We tailor our embroidery training to your needs.

Are you brand new to Embroidery or getting a new machine? Do you need training for new employees?

  • We train you on your Commercial Embroidery Machine at your home, shop, or place of business.
  • Training can last from two hours to two or three days depending on how fast you and your employees pick it up and what you want to get out of the class.
  • Our goal is to get you up and stitching before the end of training.
  • We focus on what you want to gain from the training.

Class Size-

  • Do you need the training on your embroidery machine, or do you have new employees that need to be trained?
  • We recommend 1 to 3 students per machine for training.
  • Classes can range from 1 to 15 students or more.

Press read more to see the topics that we cover in class.




1. Commercial Embroidery Machines

  • All about Commercial Embroidery Machines
  • Basic Machine Parts: Embroidery machine anatomy.
  • Truncate: What does it mean and how can it affect your machine


Control Panel Anatomy

  • Monitor
  • Manual control buttons
  • Function Keys




2. Commercial Embroidery Machine Operation

  • Basic machine operation
  • Loading a design from disk
  • Selecting a design from memory
  • Deleting a design
  • Assigning Colors to Needles
  • Thread and needle selection
  • Angle (0-180 degrees)
  • Operating Speed
  • Backing Up
  • Trim Function
  • Sewing out a Design

5 steps to embroidery

  • Loading a design
  • Entering the work order or color order
  • Selecting a hoop and Centering the design
  • Trace the Design
  • Sewing out the design




3. Embroidery Machine Maintenance and Repair.

Common errors and how to fix them
  • Color Change Error
  • 100 degrees, Start Position Error
  • Trim Error
  • Wiper error
  • Motor Lock
Machine maintenance
  • Oiling and Greasing
  • Bobbin Cleaning
  • Replacing Needles
  • Thread Path
  • Bobbin Tensioning
  • H Test / Tension Test



4. All about Embroidery

  • Thread Types
  • Thread Weights
  • Needle Types
  • Needle Points
  • Needle Sizes
  • Embroidery Pricing
  • Bobbin Types
  • Backing and Topping
  • Garment Waiver
  • Digitizing VS Setup fees

Practical work

  • Hooping techniques
  • Hooping flats
  • Cap embroidery
  • Hooping Caps






5. Digitizing and Software Training

  • Raster vs Vector Art
  • Adobe vs Corel Software
  • Screen Navigation
  • Selection Tools
  • Editing Tools
  • Display Tools
  • Color Management
  • Image Conversion
  • Size
  • Menu Bar
  • Main Tools
  • Tool Bar
  • Stitch Types
  • Line Types
  • Lettering Tools
  • Monogramming
  • File Types
  • Design File Maintenance