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Picker Adjustment

Picker Adjustment:

How do you know your picker is out of adjustment? These are some indicators but are not deffinite causes for your issues. 

  • Thread pulls out of the needle when you start to sew.
  • Thread does not catch with the bobbin thread when sewing.
  • Thread sticks out of the top of the cloth.









The picker does two things:

  1. When the machine first starts sewing the picker goes in and holds the thread momentarily. This action starts the knotting process under the the cloth.
  2. When you do a trim on the machine the picker goes in and holds the thread and this determins how long the tail will be. The tail is the leangth of thread that hangs out of the needle after the machine performs the trim command.

The picker works pretty much the same on most embroidery machines. The two finger like parts of the picker swings in toward the bobbin and one finger goes on both sides of the pig tail of the bobbin case.

On most machines the further down the fingers are toward the center the longer the tail of the thread will be after you do a trim.





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