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Suggested Training Supplies

These are tools supplies and materials that you may need to have on hand for training.





Scissors - The worst beating that I ever got from my lovely grandma was when I used her scissors to cut a piece of plastic. She explained to me that there are Cloth Scissors and other scissors. You only cut cloth with cloth scissors. I still have a limp from that lesson.The bottom line is if you have a pair of scissors that you plan on using on cloth, only use them on cloth. Cutting anything else with dull them and you will never keep them sharp.

For embroidery you will need at least two pair of scissors. I have listed two below that I recommend, you may want to shop around and find a good quality pair.


Scissors 1:  Cloth scissors -

The Original Orange-handled Scissors™ (8") | Fiskars $24.99

Scissors 2: Snips - for cutting thread

Micro-Tip® Fashion Scissors - Berry (No. 5) | Fiskars  $14.69


 6" Bent Tweezers | Colman and Company


Thread: You need one for each needle on your machine. I suggest getting Madeira Poly Neon.

Madeira USA - High Quality Machine Embroidery Thread and Supplies

Sew Many Parts


 See the source image


Colman Filament Bobbins - WHITE One Gross | Colman and Company


 Needles: I suggest 75/11 for training.

100 Pcs Groz Beckert Dbxk5 FFG/SES Embroidery Sewing Machine Needles (11/75)


Backing: Cut away is best for training purposes.


AllStitch Cut Away Machine Embroidery Backing Stabilizers — AllStitch Embroidery Supplies




You will also need to get some test blanks, (Caps, shirts, bags, or other items) to embroider on your machine during training.